Duluth Eastern Little League

2019 Coach Registration


Welcome to the Duluth Eastern Little League 2019 Coach Registration.

ALL Coaches must complete registration BEFORE being added to a roster.

In addition to a background screening, all coaches must complete the online registration. You will need to login or create a login before starting the registration. Tabs for each section of the coach registration can be found to the left of this message but you will need to select the red "Continue" button at the bottom of each page to advance to the next page.

Background Screening

Little League requires coaches to submit for background screening and this registration is part of that process. The background screening also requires submission of your social security number, but that is not obtained on this registration. If you have not gone through a background study previously for Eastern Little League, you will be sent a link from our Player Safety representative to complete one. If you are unsure if you have a cleared background study for ELL, you will need to contact our Player Safety representative to verify. You will not be added to a roster until our Player Safety representative can confirm you have cleared your background screen. Our league keeps all social security numbers private and they will be shredded once your background screen has been submitted.

Super Saturday is set for June 8th!


Team photos, special events, and fundraisers will be occurring throughout the day. 

 Questions about background screen & SSN can be directed to:

Mike Ceynowa

Player Safety